Architectural Studies April 2010

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Architectural Studies April 2010

Bachelor Of Arts, Architectural Studies. As such, studies in architecture interact with numerous related disciplines in the social sciences and humanities, as well as engineering, technology, and media. These studies may lead to professional graduate programs in architecture, landscape architecture, planning and urban design, as well as careers in related design disciplines, the arts, history, business, journalism, and public policy.

Architectural Studies: May 2010. This painting consist of a geographer looking out of his room's window while in his process of studying a map. In the painting, the geographers view was slightly elevated, showing that he wanted to look out while he was working on his work.

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Bachelor Of Architectural Studies (BAS). The Honours Bachelor of Architectural Studies degree provides the foundation of skills, knowledge, judgment and practical experience required for subsequent professional studies in architecture. Though the Academic Program is pre-professional, it is fully dedicated to imparting to students the culture and practice of design. Design is a synthetic activity.

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